Mechanical Services

AEM Ltd. offers a variety of mechanical services for residential applications.

These services include:

  • Duct & Furnace cleaning
  • Mould
  • Asthma
  • Bacteria control
  • Unplug drains, sump pumps, indoor sewer and water lines, frozen pipes, and water tanks
  • Leaking faucets, valves, sinks, drains, pumps, hot tubs, or tankless water heaters
  • Venting, duct fans, fire rated dampers, boilers and in-floor heating, and exhaust fans
  • Machine installation and removal, fabrication, labour supplement and tenders
  • Hydraulic, pneumatics, ventilation, tubing, piping, welding and maintenance
  • Welding & metal work

Ask us about our RENT-TO-OWN or financing (OAC) on water tanks, tankless systems, HVAC, etc.!

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Don't forget the SASK. & Federal rebate programs available to help cover your retrofit cost.

Visit Home Energy SASK., Government of SASK. Energy or call 1-888-668-4636 for more information!


Heating System

Energy star qualified gas furnace (90% efficiency)...$780.00
Energy Star qualified gas furnace (92% efficiency)...$1300.00

Boiler, oil, wood & ground source is also available.

Ventilation system

AC unit replacement...$500
AC Window unit replacments...$50

Domestic Hot Water System

Solar Water Heater...$1300.00
Tankless-instantaneous gas water heaters...$630.00
Electric water heaters...varies based on efficiency levels


Rebates per R Rating & location in home.

Air Sealing

Includes weather stripping, caulking, spray insulation etc., around windows, doors, cracks, etc.

Doors/windows/skylights (heated space only)
Replace w/ Energy Star Qualified products...$80.00

Water Conservation

Replace your toilet with low or dual-flush toilet at 6 liters per flush...$130.00

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